Our Story

John Tuttle Sr. started selling office supplies out of the home he shared with his wife and their two young sons. In the evenings, John’s wife Cindy would individually package the orders for his next day’s delivery. Quickly, sales began to grow, with John doubling his business in each of the first four years. Adding to the company’s growth, TBS was able to acquire Tomlinson Office Supply, Harris Office Supply, Creative Business Services and R&M Supply which allowed us to expand our customer base and further diversify the solutions we could offer!

After graduating from Hampden Sydney in 2007, John Tuttle Jr. joined the team, heading up our creative division. John Jr. began focusing on offering our customers a solution for their signage, branding and promotional needs.

In 2013, Matt Tuttle, a graduate of Virginia Tech, moved back to his hometown to concentrate on growth of our furniture and office supply sales.  This allowed TBS to leverage its technology in our office interior designs.

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